Our Facility

Our facility houses all the equipment required to test our customers vehicles in comfort and efficiency.


What Our Facility Offers. 

At Mc Ardles Test Centre our facility houses within its 580sq meter footprint, all the facilities required to carry out vehicle tests.

We have dual testing pits, both LCV and HCV.
This allows us to facilitate, operating tests for both vehicle types at the same time.
Our testing garage is a drive through arrangement, adding to the efficiency and safety of the testing and the logistics of maneuvering trucks and trailers around our site.
We have adequate parking facilities for both HCV trailers and LCV vehicles, on site. Again helping us to be efficient with shepherding vehicles pre and post CRW test.
All our test facilities meet and exceed required safety regulations, and are security locked from our customer waiting area. They are also covered by 24hr camera and motion surveillance. This helps to reassure our customers that their valuable vehicle asset is safe and secure during our test procedures.

Our Services.contact

On site the reception area is clear and customer friendly. We provide customer toilets, and a waiting room with a monitor showing the vehicles on test. Also tea and coffee facilities are available on site. This allows for the containment of customer personnel within our grounds as they wait for test completion. It offers enough space that our customers visit will be one of ease and comfort.

Our Location.Mc Ardles Our Facility

Our facility is located along the Coes Road, once the entirety but now the centre of the commercial district in Dundalk.
With two routes onto the Coes Road, leading to major artery access roads around Dundalk, and Dundalk located on the eastern economic corridor, Mc Ardles Test Centre is ideally located for access from anywhere.

Why we do it.

At Mc Ardles Test Centre we believe that good customer service is partly achieved by the efficiency and quality of the testing we conduct.
It is also achieved in how we engage and treat our customers and their representatives while they are in our company during their vehicle tests.
We strive to supply a service that encapsulates all the requirements but with a piece of Mc Ardles Test Centre courtesy.


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