Vehicle Testing

Our service engineers are expertly trained to the highest standards, in all aspects of vehicle testing.


How we offer vehicle testing.vehicle testing

All of our testing engineers are rigorously trained to complete a number of individual checks on vehicles to conduct vehicle testing. This training is supervised by the Road Safety Authority (RSA), and each engineer is continually assessed throughout their licenced period.

Each of the different vehicle and test types carries its own unique set of checks.
These checks are also under continual review and assessment.

All engineers use a number of check lists and records, to record the findings of each part of the vehicle testing results.
These records are standardised across the whole Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Testing Network,
in order to create a coherent and transparent archive of results gathered.

The testing and measurement machines are also certified and maintained to a universal standard.
This is to alleviate any discrimination or accuracy in test results across the vehicle testing network.

All results and tests are now electronically recorded live, by means of integrated cameras and IT systems.
This eliminates any deviation from the regulatory standards and negates the possibility of tampering.


Our Commitment. 

Mc Ardles Test Centre has invested heavily in its facility and staff, in order to champion the regulatory standards, and certification required to operate at this high level of vehicle testing. We believe it helps us provide a more efficient, and secure service to our customers, while helping us play a fundamental role in continuing to improve the safety of vehicles on the roads in the future.



What test examinesWhats required

The CVRT test includes:
  • Brakes
  • Lights and markings
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Steering and suspension
  • Chassis and underbody
  • Tachograph
  • Speed limiter
  • Exhaust emissions
  • Electrical systems
  • Glass and mirrors

What is required to test a vehicle

If you are bringing a vehicle for a Commercial Vehicle test you must produce ID.
The test centre will ask for either your drivers licence or passport.
Full payment of the vehicle testing fee is required prior to the vehicle been entered on the CVRT system for test.

Points to know about your CRW

You are obliged to have your commercial vehicle tested every year on the anniversary of the registration of the vehicle.
On successfully passing a Commercial Vehicle Test the registered owner will be automatically issued with a CRW in the post.
Anybody who is purchasing a second hand-vehicle should ensure it has a valid CRW at the time of purchase otherwise the vehicle will be overdue its test and receive a CRW for less than a year.
You can find out when a vehicle is due its CVR Test by checking online.
The CRW issuing system calculates the CRW expiry date by reference to your test due date. It is your obligation to have your vehicle tested on time each year. The CRW cannot be back dated.
The CRW includes a detachable disk, it is a legal requirement that it is to be displayed on the windscreen of the vehicle.
You must have a current CRW to get your vehicle taxed, both privately and commercially.


Click for a sample of a CRW

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