Tachograph and Speed Limiters

We are a fully certified centre to calibrate and fit tachograph and speed limiters.



Our Tachograph and Speed Limiters Service.

Mc Ardles Test Centre is authorised to fit and calibrate and replace both
old analogue and new digital Tachograph equipment.
About Tachographs


We are also authorised to calibrate, and diagnose all types of Speed limiters.
About Speed Limiters


Mc Ardles Test Centre is also authorised and licensed to carry out Chassis Plate Measures
on all types of trucks and trailers.

About Chassis Plate Measures


Our Expertise.Garage

When it comes to dealing with tachograph and speed limiters,
Mc Ardles Test Centre has the experience and expertise to handle it.
With our extensive history and knowledge, we can quickly identify any fault.
All of our test engineers have been fully trained in all the disciplines required to carry out full diagnostic reports
and calibrate all of the above.

All of our repairs and fits are carried out “in house”, meaning that when a fault is found,
action can be taken immediately.
This furnishes our customers with a reliable swift service, that helps incur as little down time to vehicles as possible.


Checks and balances.

Mc Ardles Test Centre is fully licenced by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI),
to conduct all calibrations, diagnostics, tests and records.

This allows us to furnish our customers with the security, quality, regulation, standardisation, certification and training that the NSAI licence provides.


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